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Gamers Base

Gamers Base is happy about all organizations, which are doing the courages Step, to support Esport Teams.

Blue Flame eSports is new to the scene, but is housing multiple Teams in many Games, also Academy Teams.

Sooner or later for many of these Teams, will come the question : Where can we settle our Bootcamp – to get all the potentiall into the Team, a good answer definitely is the Gamers Base, which is offering the optimal conditions for intensive Trainingsessions.

May hard work pay off !

NLG - Next Level Gaming Equipment

„From Gamer, for Gamer“ - This is the slogan of Next Level Gaming.

They are a team of experienced gamer, which want to give you what you deserve : simply the Best!

NLG`s products have a nice design, good processing and an long life.

Grab your Equipment while using Code : BFeSxNLG for discount !


Playeffect`s product Palett doesn`t let any wishes open. Gameserver to Voiceserver Playeffect has everything.

Playeffect`s new Website offers a dynamic & clear Design as well as a lot of informations about theyre Products. Flexibilaty & availibility is a good reason for playeffect . Playeffect also offers a great Customer Panel, which you can easily manage your Server with.

So if you`re looking for a Teamspeak,Minecraft,CS:GO or other Server, be sure to visit playeffect now.


The Online Community for Player-, and Teamsearching.Find Player for Multiplayer Games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO, Apex Legends oder Rainbow Six. 

Blue Flame eSports
Flame On
"Blue Flame eSports" is a Young & Raising eSports Organization based in Germany. "Blue Flame eSports" has been founded in March 2018 by Dominik "DEATHMAN" Bensemer with the goal to become one of the best known in Germany & the World. If you want to help us grow up and be listed as a sponsor, Contact us on : If you want to join us : Fill out the Formular .